Censorship they will ban/block the website or book

Censorship in China differs greatly from The United States and Chinese citizens should have more legal freedom online.The Firewalls.What are they? They are the Chinese mainland internet censorship system.This is part of the Golden Shield Project, It is also called The National Public Security Work Informational Project. The Chinese government uses legislative actions and law enforcements are used to regulate the country’s internet. The Golden Shield Project blocks foreign websites, apps, emails, social media, VPNs, direct messages and other online sources deemed wrong and inappropriate or offensive by government authorities.The Chinese government has long kept tight hold on both traditional and new media to avoid potential uprisings and abrasions in (and of) its legal authority. The reasons that stuff are banned from the public eyes are listed as vulgar such content such as depictions of violence and explicit content, politically sensitive materials that promote democracy, or depict the ruling Communist Party in a bad or poor light.Censorship in America is not as severe as in other countries, but many are still trying to open the doors. The main problem is that people are disabling websites and banning books just based on accusations from trollers. Trollers are a single based person or a group of people working together to mess with peoples websites and books. The way they do it is by submitting several reports on the website or books, then the government starts to pay attention but many times they will ban/block the website or book without even looking at the reported book or website.Some of the reasons why books and websites are banned and blocked are because of Racial Themes, Alternative Lifestyles, Profanity, Sex, Violence, Negativity, Witchcraft, and many other things that people don’t agree with. I understand Racial, “too much” Profanity, and (of course uneducated) sex but the others are just life and it may be harsh but we can’t shield everyone from the harsh lessons of life.