My such as Fundamental of water and wastewater

My name is Katreeya Saejew. Now, I am a final year student, studying for a bachelor’s degree in the faculty of science with a major in Industrial and Environmental Chemistry at King’s Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi. In this motivation letter, I would like to introduce myself and express why I am applying for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program.

I am going to complete my bachelor’s graduation in this year and I have an intention to study further. I have consulted with my parents that study aboard must be a great opportunity. I see an announcement of Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program and decided to apply for this program because this scholarship could support my financial burden which allows me to concentrate on my academic goals. It is a good chance to study in the country that provided high-quality education which has several well-ranked universities. Moreover, it would help me to get new experiences and extend my perspective. Exchanging ideas with other people from around the world, which has a different vision, experience, culture, and tradition.

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I have been interested in environmental studies since I was in the third year of my undergraduate study. I chose to study Fundamental of water and wastewater as my major elective subject. At first, I confess that I chose to study this subject because I like to study with my friends but I have found that this subject is really interesting. And I also got a good mark on the relevant courses such as Fundamental of water and wastewater and Introduction to industrial pollution, treatment, and control. I also have an opportunity to intern at Royal Project Foundation and did research about evaluating greenhouse gas emission from waste management at Ban Lao village by using carbon footprint principle. I really enjoyed my internship, I use my knowledge to do a research and I also give something back to the society by teaching people in that village to eliminate rubbish in the correct method and tell them how littering can cause environmental impact. This work makes me feel exhausted however I think it is very fascinating, challenging and worth to do. It also made me realize that environmental issue is an international problem, it is too big to manage by individual countries. It is the fact that environment is getting worse day by day because of human activities. That’s the reason why I would like to work in the environment field in order to protect the environment effectively.  The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program will help me to achieve my career goal and I firmly believe that master’s degree is needed.

When I was in the senior high school, I had a chance to become an exchange student at New Zealand for three weeks. It really broadens my world and I have learned how to adapt myself to the unfamiliar environment. Besides learning, I have done many activities in my universities. For example, Co-Science Camp and Formica Science Camp. In these two camps, I have a duty to be a nurse to take care of everyone in my group from faintness, stomach ache, and so on. I also was an entertainer to make everyone in the camp know each other and have fun. I am able to work well alone and with others because I respect other’s opinion and I dare to say what I thought. I believe that my background, my life experiences, and all of my skills can qualify me as a good candidate and deserve to get Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship.

This Scholarship program will strengthen my opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree in Hungary and help me to accomplish my career goal to work in the environmental field. It would be a great experience and change my life. Study abroad will not only expand my visions but it is also a great chance for me. I could say that I am a good student and well-behaved, I will do my best to get this scholarship.